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We invoice our CONCIERGE services between 10 and 15% including VAT of the total nights (excluding cleaning costs). We also charge a cleaning fee depending on the size of the apartment. These costs are generally paid by the traveler.



Rental fees are 22 euros/m² in Brest and Strasbourg.

Concerning the city of Rennes, these fees amount to 16 euros/m². 

As part of a roommate, its costs amount to 300 euros per room. 

These fees are divided equally between the tenant and the owner. 



Our MANAGEMENT services are invoiced at 5% of the rents collected, including charges. The rental fees are added to the management fees when a new tenant enters. As part of the management of works whose envelope is greater than 2,000 euros, additional costs apply up to 5% of the amount of the works. 



Our SALE fees amount to 3% of the sale price of the property without being able to be less than 1,000 euros

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